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We are a law firm dedicated to excellence in Employment, Human Rights and Disability Insurance law. We represent individuals and companies in complex labor and employment law, human rights and civil litigation disputes. We have extensive experience in cases involving invisible disabilities such as depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome in disability benefit claims, employment and human rights disputes.
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Hugh Scher is the founder of the law firm Scher Law Professional Corporation where he leads a team in the practice of employment and human rights law as well as disability insurance
    He is frequently called upon to advise employers and employees about issues related to the accommodation of people with disabilities in the workplace, return to work plans, complaints of discrimination and harassment, the investigation of harassment complaints and complex wrongful dismissal cases. He frequently assists to negotiate appropriate termination.
    Mr. Scher has served as counsel in several precedent setting cases including Keays v Honda [2008] 2 S.C.R. 362, 2008 SCC 39 ( Supreme Courtís Restatement of factors to be considered in assessment of notice and damages for bad faith in manner of dismissal and record trial award of $ 500,000 in punitive damages), Lowe v Guarantee Insurance 2005 CanLII 25095 (ON CA) (OCA) (creation of new cause of action against biased medical assessors), Scardoni v Hawrluck 2004 CanLII 34326 (SCJ) (role of proxy decision-makers in interpretation of prior express wishes in end of life decision-making), Rasouli v Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 2011ONSC 1500 (CanLII) (Requirement of Consent to withdraw life support services at end of life and implement palliative care), Ali v Her Majesty the Queen, on leave to SCC ( Constitutional challenge to income tax deductibility of natural health products.).
    He served for six years as Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities where he directed interventions in 15 cases before the Supreme Court of Canada and Appeal Courts across Canada.
    He is a Past-President of the Board of Directors of ARCH: A Legal Resource Centre for Persons with Disabilities
    He also serves as Vice President of the Labour and Employment law section of the Ontario Bar Association.
    Mr. Scher has participated in various Federal and Provincial Government Consultations on issues of social policy and disability rights and has presented briefs before numerous Federal and Provincial Government Committees on subjects including constitutional, health, transportation, criminal law, justice, employment equity and human rights reform.
    Mr Scher regularly appears on television and radio broadcasts and has been featured in newspapers across the country on matters relating to employment and human rights law, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the human rights of people with disabilities. Mr. Scher is a frequent lecturer on employment and human rights issues at the Law Society of Upper Canada, Osgoode Hall Law School, the University of Toronto and other organizations across Canada.
Hugh Scher
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